The exact moment I fell in love again.

The moment I felt what I can only describe as love, happened suddenly, randomly, and calmly. I had felt infatuation for you from the beginning. And that grew into fondness, lust, and compassion.  But what happened today was different. There were no fireworks, no big “ah-ha!” moment, just a lovely and calming feeling. You accidently sent me a voice recording and you were singing as you mopped the floors. You had no idea anyone would be listening, and it was just so beautiful. I felt like I was looking into something secret and hidden. I think I just fell in love with you. It was as spontaneous as falling, but not abrupt or violent, not even passionate. It just was and I am so glad I have gotten to experience this feeling. Thank you.


After several weeks, I finally finished my follow-up comic about my opinions on sexism!!

So I hope I cleared up some misunderstandings!! But, as I said, I’m not perfect. I’ve got a lot to learn, too. I made (and keep making) mistakes like any other flawed human being, but it’s thanks to my friends and people who are willing to talk about these issues that help me be more aware of my actions. I’m willing to learn and be positive! And I hope everybody else can be open as well. \o/


My First Korean Homestay

My First Korean Homestay

I recently wrote an article about my first time visiting my Korean friend’s hometown. You can read more about it here!



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Cafe Recommendation in Seoul, South Korea!

Cafe Recommendation in Seoul, South Korea!

Check out my post on Tumblr about Afro Cafe in Sinchon. It’s a very relaxed café with superior coffee and a kind and interesting owner.


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Like running from your shadow.

Like running from your shadow.

The memories begin to bleed Into this new city/life The feeling of déjà vu So strong I catch glimpses of past countries Outside the city bus window A red bridge and a great river


That panic

That overwhelming feeling

That I should have accomplished more by now

That I should at least better understand what it is that I even want

I am familiar with this particular feeling


It is what…

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Gay Pride Festival in South Korea

Gay Pride Festival in South Korea

Gay Pride Festival in South Korea

I haven’t been posting on here all that much lately. Instead, I have been submitting my articles to an online blogging community for women travelers called Pink Pangea.

Here is my latest. My experience attending the Korea Queer Festival last month and some of my opinions about gay rights in South Korea.

I hope you will check it out.



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Why I Travel

I’ve been asked the same question many times and it’s hard to put in words. I find myself ticking through a list, but after reading this, it’s like “yes, that’s exactly it!!”

Great writing. :)


Why I Travel.

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Delayed news from South Korea

Delayed news from South Korea

Recap time of my first month in Seoul!

In many ways I’ve lived here like anywhere else. I rented out a goshitel (basically a closet sized room in a dormitory-like  building), I go grocery shopping and even have a woman at the market who gives me free food, I meet friends for lunch and help people practice their conversation skills.

I had my first couchsurfing experience in Korea. *Couchsurfing…

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